Courses and Facilities

Courses Offered.
Std. I to Std. X (CBSE Syllabus)
For Classes XI & XII:

  • Languages - English core & Malayalam/Hindi
  • Group I - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
  • Group II - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics Practices.
  • Group III - Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Informatics Practices.

Details of annual fee structure:
Std. I to IV             - Rs. 13650/-
V to VII                      - Rs. 16800/-
VIII & IX                    - Rs. 20000/-
X                                - Rs. 22000/-
XI(Com.)                  - Rs. 26000/-
XI(Sci.)                     - Rs. 2,8000/-
XII(Comm.)               - Rs. 28000/-
XII(Sci.)                     - Rs. 28000/-
The fees include all miscellaneous items.
Transport facility – Own buses- 4 Nos. Charges renewable periodically.
Area of School Campus:
The School has a campus area of 2.5 Acres and a built up area of 25000 sq. ft. It has a good play ground area of approximately 1 Acre and other facilities such as Dance room, Music room, Kung Fu room and Health & Medical checkup rooms
Academic session: Courses
The academic session period of the school is from June to March and the vacation period is from April to May. New admission to the School is started from April to June.
Library facilities: 
The School has a good library with spatial area and subscribing more than 12 periodicals and 4 dailies. It has enough reference books class-wise and providing more than 15 magazines for reading.
Sexual Harassment Committee & Grievance Officer:
The School has a sexual harassment committee comprising the Manager and the Principal as ex-officio members and the school counsellor, the school leader and the School Chairman are other members. The senior teacher of the school is appointed as the Redressal Officer

  • Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man – Vivekananda.

  • Education is the natural, progressive and harmonious development of all the faculties of the individual, head, heart and hand. Simple to complex, known to unknown, concrete to abstract – Pestalozzi.

  • Education is the creation of a natural man, free from the artificialities of human society…. Natural development of humanity – Roussea.
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