• Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man – Vivekananda.
  • Education is the natural, progressive and harmonious development of all the faculties of the individual, head, heart and hand. Simple to complex, known to unknown, concrete to abstract – Pestalozzi.
  • Education is the creation of a natural man, free from the artificialities of human society…. Natural development of humanity – Roussea.
  • Education is the realisation of the highest values of life - Truth, Goodness and Beauty.
  • The ultimate aim of Education is self - realistion.
  • Education is the development of Physical health, virtue, wisdom and social consciousness - John Locke.
  • Education is the development of Morality in human – Herbart
  • Education means the unfurlment of what is already unfold in the germ. Education consists in preparing the self to participate in all prevailing spirit that manifests itself in and through the whole universe - Forbel
  • Education is to help the growing soul to draw out that in itself which is best and make it perfect for a noble use – Arabindo.
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